Besides being one of the first albums of the crap era of Running Wild, VICTORY! has more meanings in the world of Metal. Victory! happens when you're able to get rid of a troublesome Mate and enjoy a quiet concert, or continue drinking without hearing about how the Gamma Ray discography could have been Halloween's one.

Victory! is also achieved when your boss let you take the hair down at work (+33 if you are male), or when your neighbor tells you that he's not afraid anymore when you play Kronos at a high volume on a Sunday morning.

Victory! is also achieved when you are able to evolve from listening to Rhapsody to listen to Morbid Angel without passing the melodic death metal stage. But when the evolution goes the standard way: Stratovarius-Sonata Arctica-Edguy-Kotipelto-Children Of Bodom-Opeth-Morbid Angel, then is not a Victory! because you're going into an infinite loop and you're close to getting FAIL.

Victory! is not playing 100% of Guitar Hero songs, Victory! is not to fall asleep at Anathema's shows.

Visual dictionary: Mode #21 of How to celebrate a Victory!. (Out of stock).

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